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With many years of experience and extensive specific knowledge the area of design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of filling lines, we help manufacturers to automate the filling lines of liquids, gels, powders, bulk and other products. We select solutions with the required performance, cost-effectiveness, adaptability to various shapes and sizes of containers. Local and international beverage companies trust us due to our experience in management of large project in this area. Please review below the descriptions of our main equipment integrated into the filling line. Contact us and we will help you clarify your needs.



Experience, specialised knowledge and professionalism are the elements that enable us to offer the solutions that best meet the needs of each client. For many years, we have been using labelling equipment in different industries, working on projects of different sizes, and taking care of efficient and seamless solutions. We offer our customers to choose the most suitable devices for them, while we can take care of the installation, adjustment and compatibility with other systems. We design and install various labelling and label gluing devices. We advise, consult and help you choose what will be most effective for your business.


Corking devices of different capacities can be adapted to different production areas. The equipment we offer is a combination of experience, professionalism and the highest quality, thus ensuring efficient and smooth processes. We offer single-head and multi-head corking devices, cap elevators and capping heads to make many manufacturing operations easier, faster and simpler. A wide range of corking machines is suitable for push-in or screw-in, shaped, plastic, aluminum and other corks and caps. We offer a wide selection of functions that can be easily adapted to different types of caps, dispensers and other elements.


We strive to best meet customer expectations, so we offer functional and widely adaptable devices that speed up work, increase productivity and efficiency. The filling equipment offered by PakMarkas is suitable for bottling a variety of beverages and other liquids, thus, it can be used in different industries. We can offer a wide range of filling equipment: isobaric filling equipment, steel keg washing and filling equipment and multifunctional monoblocks. We will take care of the design and installation of all equipment. We offer the best solutions for your needs.


We design, install and combine various industrial blow-off equipment with other systems. Industrial moisture blow-off equipment provides the opportunity to ensure the highest product quality and speed up production and packaging processes. PakMarkas always listens to the customer’s wishes and needs and applies the most advanced solutions. We have accumulated a lot of experience and are well versed in the subtleties of designing and installing industrial equipment, so we will definitely offer the most efficient and suitable solution for you. Do you have any questions? Contact us.


We can offer product preparation equipment for different industries. We offer our customers saturation with carbon dioxide, mixing and cooling equipment. Each of them meets the highest requirements, operates smoothly and reliably. Depending on your needs, we will offer the most suitable solutions, take care of equipment installation and maintenance. Contact us if you have any questions or need advice on industrial equipment.


PakMarkas offers the following washing equipment: bottle flushing and washing machines and box washing machines that offer reliable and efficient operation. In addition, our team can take care not only of the solutions that best meet your business needs, but also of their installation and adjustment for operation with the existing equipment.

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