These are pouch-type packages. They are shaped by sealing on three or four sides.

Packages of this type are widely used for grocery products, cosmetics, frozen or dried food products.

Depending on the product, polyethylene-coated paper and various polymer laminates are usually used.


  • Do you sell tea? We offer packaging that meets your needs – sachets or pouches sealed on 3 or 4 sides.
  • This type of packaging is widely used for packaging grocery products, as well as small quantities of sauces, rationed sugar and instant coffee products.
  • Depending on the product, polyethylene-coated paper and polypropylene are the most commonly used. We can also offer more sustainable solutions from recycled paper, i.e., polyethylene free.


  • For packing frozen and dried foods, we offer polymer (mono or combined) packaging sealed on 3 or 4 sides.
  • These pouch-type packaging materials are used for frozen berries, pieces of fruit and vegetables and meat products.
  • The impermeable corners of such packages help the products to withstand temperature changes, so the contents will only start to heat up more effectively when the package is cut and its tightness is affected.


  • This, mostly flat packaging, is used not only in the food but also in the cosmetics industry. The most popular orders are for packaging cosmetic samples or small quantity product samples.
  • We can also pack on-demand cosmetics such as liquid or paper face/foot or other body masks. Packages of samples or disposable products may have a hole (for hanging packages) for convenient storage at the point of sale.
  • Another common use of small format packaging in the field of cosmetics is samples in magazines and catalogues. This is a very efficient and easy advertising method.
  • Due to the excellent moisture and oxygen barrier along with the tightness of the packaging, the product has an even longer shelf life.


  • Pouch-type packaging is usually chosen by our customers for bulk products such as medicines or food supplement powders. Doses of the product in this type of packaging are already rationed, the packaging is easy to open and the barriers provide good protection of the product, thus extending its shelf life. All this simplifies the use of the product by the end customer.
  • We can also offer custom solutions for the packaging of diagnostic, laboratory and medical aids. This packaging is also great for packing respirators.


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