Electric and pneumatic vibratory motors

We offer electric and pneumatic vibratory motors by a leading and highly experienced manufacturer of electric motors Italvibras.

We offer a wide range of standard vibratory motors:

  • size range from 00 to 120;
  • power (centrifugal force) from 4 kg to 30,560 kg;
  • rotation speed (number of poles) 3000 rpm (2 poles), 1500 rpm (4 poles), 1000 rpm (6 poles), 750 rpm (8 poles);
  • voltage supply from 24 V to 690 V;
  • protection rating IP66;
  • all motors have II 2 D or higher ATEX protection;
  • aluminium, cats iron, or stainless steel housing;
  • insulation class F.


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