Wrap around labels containing 30% recycled plastic

2021 07 30

Searching for ways to contribute to eco-friendlier packaging, this year we launched a new product – printing on a BOPP film, 30% of which is made of recycled pellets.

It is yet another step of Pakmarkas with the aim to support the supply chain of eco-friendlier packaging and to contribute to environmental preservation.

We are very happy for the courage of our client, the drinking water producer Žalia giria, to be among the first in Lithuania to start using recycled BOPP film for the production of wrap around labels.

These partially recycled wrap around labels have the following qualities:

  • They are durable and elastic;
  • They are resistant to moisture and other effects;
  • High print quality (up to 10 colours of print);
  • 360 degrees of advertising space;
  • A very broad range of application;
  • Their production meets the BRC and GGP;

The wrap around labels are made of polypropylene and are mostly used for the labelling of PET bottles of drinks. Labels of this type enable better design effects and have higher gloss and print quality. Capitalize on the practical and more sustainable opportunities offered by the wrap up labels with the help of our experience and know-how.

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