Thermochromic varnish: a small detail that makes the label stand out

2023 07 07

Consumers are increasingly looking not only for a quality product, but also for accurate information about product storage and use. We have a solution for you – thermochromic adhesive labels that show whether the recommended temperature for use of the product has been reached.

How is a colour changing label made?

For this, we use thermochromic varnish during printing. Thermochromic varnish is a varnish with colour pigments that are sensitive to temperature. It can change colour when the temperature of the product surface on which they are applied changes. Varnish acquires colour or changes from one colour to another with an increase or decrease in temperature. We offer a wide selection of colours.

Where can a colour changing thermochromic label be applied?Termochrominės etiketės

Temporary colour change can be used as a safe temperature control indicator for food and beverage products. It can also notify consumers when products are at the right temperature for consumption and provide an effective marketing tool for creating an interactive experience with the buyer.

One of the areas where this varnish technology is most often applied is the beverage industry. For example, beer bottle labels can be printed with thermochromic varnish so that the colour of the label or its element changes as the beer cools.

Termochrominės etiketėsThe company Kalnapilis has created a design for a thermochromic label so that the consumer could see when the product has reached a certain temperature – cooled down. A snowflake printed with clear thermochromic varnish was incorporated into the overall design of the label. When the product cools, the snowflake acquires a blue colour.

Thermochromic varnish can give your product complete exclusivity by just adding a colour-changing element to the label design.

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