We strive to best meet customer expectations, so we offer functional and widely adaptable devices that speed up work, increase productivity and efficiency. The filling equipment offered by PakMarkas is suitable for bottling a variety of beverages and other liquids, thus, it can be used in different industries. We can offer a wide range of filling equipment: isobaric filling equipment, steel keg washing and filling equipment and multifunctional monoblocks. We will take care of the design and installation of all equipment. We offer the best solutions for your needs.

Filling equipment

Filling equipment

Types of filling equipment:
  • gravitational and/or low-vacuum level filling machines are used for bottling non-carbonated and thin liquid products: natural water, alcoholic drinks, clear fruit juices, vinegar, milk, chemical products, etc.;
  • high-vacuum level machines are used to bottle thick and viscous products (vegetable oils, syrups, etc.) into rigid containers;
  • volume-based filling machines bottle the precise amount of product with the tolerance of ±1.5 cm3 for 1-litre bottle, irrespective of density of the bottled product and the volume of bottles of that same type;


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