Ink ribbons

We offer a wide range of INK RIBBONS at very good prices.

The ribbons we offer are designed for various types of label printers and have the following features:

  • Print with high resolution barcodes and variable information: numbering, date;
  • Resistant to abrasion and scratches;
  • Suitable for contact with food (non-toxic);
  • High print quality;
  • Wide selection of colours (black, blue, red, green, etc.);
  • Suitable for printing on various flexible surfaces (e.g., paper, plastics, tapes);


Applicability of ink ribbons

The thermal transfer method is one of the best ways to print barcodes and variable information: numbering, date and time, data from databases. The ink ribbons are non-toxic, suitable for contact with food products.

Furthermore, thermal transfer technology allows the user to print high resolution, durable notes on a wide variety of flexible surfaces, such as: various packaging films and label tapes, made not only from paper, but also from a variety of plastics. The main disadvantage of ink ribbons is that they are used only once. However, this disadvantage is outweighed by the many advantages listed above.

We have developed three main brands of ink ribbons that meet about 90% of customer demand:

Standard™A very widespread ink ribbon. Intended for printing packaging and pallet labels, logistics labels, labels with translations of descriptions of imported goods, price labels. Mostly used on Vellum (matte) paper.
Grafika™For use on semi-gloss paper, on PE and PP. Especially suitable for printing on coloured label blanks. The highest print quality, abrasion resistance is obtained. Also suitable for printing directly on plastic packaging.
Premium™It is used for printing on synthetic surfaces: PE, PP, PET. Indispensable when special resistance to rubbing, chemicals, pasteurization is required. Suitable even for “near edge” type printers.


Additional brands:

Standard+™For printing on colour labels. It is blacker (a more intense black colour), better adheres to various painted surfaces (such surface is less sticky for paint).
Kalkė+™For corner-edge printers. Intense black, very high print quality.
Black Dragon™Designed for printing directly on the packaging film. Used in integrated printers. For very fast printing. The print is resistant to abrasion. Bright black.
Textile™For printing on nylon, satin, and other textile materials.
Coloured waxRed, blue and green ink ribbons for printing on paper labels.
Coloured wax/resinRed, blue, green, yellow, orange ink ribbons for printing on both paper and synthetic surfaces.
Coloured resinGold, silver, red, blue, green, white resin ink ribbon for printing on films coated with a chemical ink-receiving layer.


We have been selling various ink ribbons for more than ten years. They are intended for Zebra, CAB, Carl Valentin, Toshiba (TEC), Argox, Avery Dennisson (Novexx), Printronix, Sato, Datamax, Eidos, Paxar and many other printers. Our ink ribbons offer excellent print quality, long head life, and some of the best prices on the market. We supply ink ribbons from a warehouse in Vilnius.

Contact us by phone +370 5 205 2900 or e-mail us at We will be happy to select ink ribbons suitable for your needs.