Ink ribbons

We offer a wide range of ink ribbons with various characteristics suitable for most thermal transfer printers.

We have tried majority of the most popular ink ribbons by all the largest manufacturers and made a thorough selection of the best types of them. We never replace them with substitute products. Therefore, we can guarantee that you will always receive only high-quality materials.

Ink ribbons are polyester film with the thickness of 4.5 to 5 µm. One side of the film is coated with a layer of thermosensitive paint and the other side is coated with a silicone layer. In the course of printing on the label surface, the ink is transferred by means of thermal transfer.

Standard ink ribbons are the most popular. They are used in 90% cases of printing on paper labels. These are the most advanced thermal transfer ribbons in terms of both quality and cost-efficiency.

If required, we also offer other types of ink ribbons:

  • high resolution ink ribbons – Standard+,Standard_TM
  • ink ribbons with excellent smear resistance Grafika
  • wash-resistant ink ribbons Textile
  • ink ribbons resistant to outdoor conditions Premium
  • colour ink ribbons – we offer various types.

We also offer ink ribbons for printers used for printing on packaging films. The most popular of those is Kalke+.

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