PakMarkas to print labels with Germany’s DPG deposit mark

2019 09 30

Following a successful audit, PakMarkas was awarded a DPG (Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH) certificate and has become one of the few companies in the European Union authorised to print labels with a DPG deposit mark to the German beverage market.

To ensure security of DPG mark, the company is obligated to use special technologies and follow strict requirements. With the DPG certification, PakMarkas now has the right to buy DPG paints from DPG paint manufacturers and to use the device for testing the deposit mark printing quality.

Also, a DPG mark can only be used on products of DPG certified beverage producers who intend to trade or are trading in the German market.

What is the DPG mark?

To comply with the beverage container return system’s requirements set to the beverage producers’ industry, on the initiative of Germany’s trade association and beverage industry, the DPG (Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH) was founded in 2005 to implement a return system for containers. For this purpose, a uniform package labelling standard was developed enabling to automatically read single-use beverage packaging, collect them into a system, and facilitate the compulsory deposit collection.