Lessons learned during the COVID-19 pandemic

2020 10 23

During a discussion that took place at the Lean Forum 2020, Deividas Akelis, our own Lean manager, talked to representatives of Baltik Vairas and Ernst & Young about the lessons we have learned during the COVID-19 period and the challenges we have faced.

We would like to share the highlights of the discussion with you.

Key decisions made

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we first of all drafted an effective crisis management plan, ensured that we have the right protective equipment, and implemented a number of preventative solutions. Also, we amped our internal communication by starting to hold daily remote management meetings to share the latest information about the current situation and to make decisions based on that. As we are a manufacturing company, it was vital to make sure that the virus does not spread among the production staff – to achieve that, a decision was adopted to introduce a break between production shifts to make sure that the people working different shifts do not meet, as well as to disinfect common premises.

Procuring larger quantities of raw materials for production in due time has allowed us to ensure uninterrupted production.

The challenges that we faced

The biggest challenges for our staff have been switch to telecommuting and to adapt to the changing procedures and rules within the company on a fast track.
There have been challenges in our Lean activities, too, with some of the routine tasks and projects getting postponed for later. Be as it may, during the quarantine we launched a key Lean project to boost our manufacturing efficiency.

Looking back and recapping these experiences, I think I can say that we have handled the challenges splendidly.