Ink ribbons are polyester products with one side coated with a heat-sensitive ink layer and the other with silicone. We can offer ink ribbons with different properties: standard, suitable for use when higher contrast is required, resistant to environmental impact and abrasion. Among the products we offer, we have ink ribbons of various colours with a wide range of applications. Due to the high quality, these ink ribbons are easy to use, and the wide range of choices ensures that every customer can find the most suitable product. Our team is ready to help and advise which ribbon is best for you.

Ink ribbons

Ink ribbons

We offer a wide range of ink ribbons with various characteristics suitable for most thermal transfer printers. We have tried majority of the most popular ink ribbons by all the largest manufacturers and made a thorough selection of the best types of them. We never replace them with substitute products. Therefore, we can guarantee that you will always receive only high-quality materials.


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