PakMarkas‘ partner, drives manufacturer Siemens establishes a new brand, Innomotics

2024 04 10

Last year, an important change took place in the market of industrial drives – Siemens, a German brand with over 150 years of experience in motor production, founded a subsidiary company, Innomotics, to which it transferred its range of motors. Although this transformation was unexpected for most industry professionals, there is no need to worry – the quality of the products remains at the highest level.

We would like to point out that this transformation is not just a change of logo or brand name – the Innomotics name stands for innovation – the company puts a strong focus on adapting existing and new motors to the ever-changing industrial market needs, such as:

  • higher efficiency (permanent magnet IE5 efficiency class motors),
  • adaptability (new 22-pole ultra-slow motors for green hydrogen extraction),
  • sustainability (all processes from raw materials to product delivery have been reorganized),
  • and even the highest level of customer data protection guarantee.

PakMarkas’ Drives and Automation Department specializes in the field of industrial drives. We are proud of our long cooperation with Siemens, a brand whose products are characterized by quality and reliability. Innomotics products also have the above-mentioned properties – this is confirmed by the facts:

  • 5% of all Innomotics motors and drives work successfully throughout the warranty period;
  • more than 95% of all Innomotics low voltage motors have been delivered by the first order confirmation date.

Following the establishment of the new Innomotics brand for Siemens motors, we are pleased to announce that we will continue consulting our customers and supplying and repairing these motors. If you need a reliable low, medium or high voltage standard or explosive environment electric motor, contact PakMarkas.

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