Innovation Important for Industrial Companies – in the Warehouse of PakMarkas

2023 11 20

The company PakMarkas, which supplies companies with the main components of industrial equipment, has added a new product – planetary reducers – to its warehouse and has obtained the right to assemble them. This is good news for industrial companies in the Baltic region interested in receiving the necessary components as soon as possible.

PakMarkas has been cooperating with the Italian company Motovario, a global manufacturer of industrial transmission components, for more than twenty years: PakMarkas is their representative in the Baltic countries. When the manufacturer supplemented its product range with a new type – planetary – reducers, their assembly was entrusted to the Lithuanian company. Pakmarkas has been granted the right of a Premium MAC assembly centre – there are 8 such centres in the world, and it will be the only assembly centre for the new planetary reducers in the Baltic countries.

“Planetary reducers are a new product in our range, which will provide companies with even more flexibility and opportunities. To get acquainted with its features, our employees visited the manufacturer in Italy, where they not only learned how to assemble the new gears, but also delved into the intricacies of their maintenance and repair. As an assembly centre and representative of the manufacturer in the Baltic countries, we will provide all these services, so it will be even easier to ensure smooth equipment operation processes for our customers,” says Eimantas Daunoras, head of PakMarkas Drives and Automation Division.


Small Yet Powerful

Where motor equipment is operated, reducers are usually needed. Reducers or gears are used in a variety of industries, from food manufacturers to wind turbine builders. They slow the rotation down to the required speed and increase the torque proportionally, because motors usually rotate at the same speed, and often too fast. For example, if an electric motor rotates at 1500 RPM, but the conveyor requires 30 RPM, a reducer with a gear ratio of 50 is used.

The reducers used for the equipment differ in their purpose and designs. PakMarkas, which has been selling and assembling worm, bevel, parallel shaft and cylindrical Motovario reducers, will now also offer planetary reducers. The biggest advantage of these is a small size with a very high transmission rate.

“Due to their design, planetary reducers are small but can transmit a larger torque and have a higher gear ratio than others. Due to these features, their production is more complicated, so their price is higher than that of cylindrical or worm reducers. However, planetary reducers are irreplaceable where there is limited space for a reducer or where a very slow rotation is required,” E. Daunoras explains.

Motovario is a well-known manufacturer of industrial reducers established back in 1965, which has eventually grown into a global company.

“We used all the long-term know-how and technologies of our company for the production of this new product – planetary reducers. Their quality and safety features have been perfected to such a level that alternatives can hardly be found on the market. The reducers of the new series are characterized by such durability and power that they are the most reliable choice for all types of equipment, no matter what work it performs,” asserts Motovario’s representative Giorgio Gagliani Caputo.

Speed and Selection

The range includes as many as 13 sizes of new generation reducers to meet the needs of various industrial sectors: they are suitable for both light and heavy loads, including cranes, crushers, conveyors, mixers, and other devices. PakMarkas will be able to assemble planetary reducers adapted to a torque of up to 15,000 Nm for customers, and we plan to expand the range of assembled reducers to 37,000 Nm in the future.

PakMarkas supplies not only planetary reducers, but also all types of reducers used in industry, from micro to large industrial reducers. The largest gear reducer sold by the company weighed about 15 tons and had a torque of about 160,000 Nm, while the smallest was less than 1 Nm.

Not only reducers, but also all the main components of industrial equipment: electric motors, parts of conveyors, automation components, various types of sensors are available in the company’s warehouse. The company can quickly deliver this equipment, and also select the most suitable one, install and repair it, and provide warranty and post-warranty maintenance. If customers also need a motor, the reducer can be assembled together with it: the company has motors up to 100 kW in stock, and more powerful ones are promptly ordered from the manufacturer.

“Our main customers are large, small and medium-sized companies in various industries that operate a lot of equipment. If it breaks down, it is very important to repair or replace it as soon as possible, because the entire production stops. Therefore, the speed of delivery of equipment is very important. Since we have a large warehouse of parts, and we assemble the reducers on site, we can assemble the gear in a very short time – from 1 hour to a day, depending on the type of reducer,” emphasizes E. Daunoras.

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