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Working with a certified packaging supplier: a reliability guarantee for food producers

Food producers must ensure that the packaging they use is safe and suitable for food products. In other words, the packaging must be compliant with requirements of Lithuanian and EU legislation. Key market players implement international standards such as the BRCGS, which set stringent requirements for the entire food production...


BRCGS standartas
Lipnių etikečių gėrimams apdaila

Modern Labels on Old Traditional Glass Packaging

This is another story of our close partnership with German start-up Gin 42, which has developed an alternative for non-alcoholic gin. It’s a story of how inventively tradition is combined with state of the art: bottles that come from a long-established German glass factory are marked with innovative adhesive labels. The...



We have published our 16th Annual Sustainability Report

We invite you to read Pakmarkas Sustainability Report 2021, which provides an overview of the impact of our operations on the environment and society. The global pandemic has affected people’s lives and economies like never before, and at the same time has accelerated the need for sustainable action and immediate...



Happy holidays to you, dear customers and partners!

Dear clients and partners, We are sending our warmest greetings to you and your family for a happy holiday season. PakMarkas wishes you peace, joy and prosperity throughout the coming year. We look forward to working with you in the years to come!

How to unite luxury packaging and sustainability?

As the global wave of sustainability unfolds around the world, commodity manufacturers are looking for ways to develop their activities in a more sustainable manner and make products more recyclable and environmentally friendly. Th packaging of goods, which still plays an important role in product quality assurance and marketing, but...


Etiketės tinkliniams maišeliams

Time-tested method of labelling fresh vegetables and fruits

Pakmarkas offers a time-tested solution – non-adhesive snap-on labels for products packed in mesh bags. In English, these labels are also called “wine glass labels”. They got this name because of its shape, reminiscent of a glass of wine. The labelling of mesh bags poses certain challenges because it is...



Glowing labels

Create a lasting impression using innovative and playful labels with mysterious glow-in-the-dark effect. GLOWING LABELS. WHAT ARE THEY? These are covered with paint that glows in the dark, also known as photoluminescent paint. It absorbs electromagnetic rays (e.g. daylight) and later radiates them by glowing in the dark and UV...


Tamsoje švienčiančios etiketės

Digital label printing: when speed, precision and diversity are the key

Digital label printing is as popular today as the traditional printing methods used for decades. While it’s not a panacea for all orders without exception, where speed and ultimate accuracy are required, nothing compares to digital printing. Digital printing of labels was introduced only three decades ago, but today this technology...



We have joined the sustainable initiative “Packaging of the Future Club”

To help manufacturers find the best sustainable packaging solutions for their products, we have joined the Packaging of the Future Club. The Club was established by VšĮ Gamtos ateitis, and it unites companies that already use recyclable packaging and those planning to do so. The members of the established club share...


Tvari pakuotė

Wrap around labels containing 30% recycled plastic

Searching for ways to contribute to eco-friendlier packaging, this year we launched a new product – printing on a BOPP film, 30% of which is made of recycled pellets. It is yet another step of Pakmarkas with the aim to support the supply chain of eco-friendlier packaging and to contribute...


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