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A new growing trend on the adhesive label market

Have you heard of the new trend―adhesive labels for cans produced in small quantities and with different designs? These are becoming increasingly popular with craft brewing companies, but businesses producing other beverages can also find new opportunities here. To minimise their carbon footprint, many companies switch from glass bottles to...


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Digital label printing: when you need speed, precision and variety

Digital label printing is as popular today as traditional printing methods that have been used for decades. And although it is not a panacea for all orders where speed and extreme precision are required, digital technologies are unsurpassable. Digital label printing emerged just three decades ago, but today this technology...



Technical work in the B2B system

Dear clients, We inform you that due to technical work, JSC Pakmarkas B2B label ordering system will not be available on March 8th from 6:30 P.M. until 9:30 P.M. (EET). We apologize for the inconvenience.

How could industrial enterprises reduce their power consumption without making any revolutionary transformations?

Today, when the optimization of power consumption is extremely relevant, a business could benefit from knowing about all the possibilities for the smart use of power resources. One of the possible ways is to transform or renew electric motors used in the company. This method is particularly attractive because it...



Blood donation day at Pakmarkas

We ended 2022 with good deeds. At least twice a year, we organize a blood donation day at our company. It always attracts the interest of our employees. We are proud of the team that dedicates time for noble works.
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Lean Lessons in Challenging Times

Operational Excellence – Operation based on Lean best practices that helps businesses achieve better results with fewer resources. Companies that master it strengthen their competitive advantage, and this is especially important in challenging times. As the experience of PakMarkas company shows, the benefits are immediately apparent when mastery techniques are...



A More Sustainable Packaging: What Can Be Done Today

Sustainability is not limited to environmental protection, but reducing environmental impact is one of the goals of a sustainable company. What role does a product’s packaging play in the sustainability chain? What is the true cost and value of sustainability? Why do not all sustainable packaging solutions bring the expected...


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We present you new Markem-Imaje printers

Markem-Imaje line of printers Our reliable and long-standing partner, the global manufacturer of marking equipment Markem-Imaje, introduced three new generation printers for marking primary and secondary packaging this year. ‘Customers expect to improve the efficiency of the production line, so every small detail is important. For example, the 5940G printer's...



PakMarkas Has Assembled the 4000th Anniversary Reducer

We are the only official certified reducer assembly centre of the Italian company Motovario in the Baltic States. This means that we can assemble all types of reducers in our premises. We assembled the 4000th reducer in July. ‘We can see that our investments and purposeful work have paid off....


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Tensions in the Business Environment Motivate Manufacturers to Look For Ways Out

Automation of production processes is no longer a new topic, but it has not lost its relevance, rather the opposite. Tightening requirements for employee health protection and working conditions, rising wages and shortage of workers becomes an increasingly important incentive for automation and robotization. Especially when there are solutions on...


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