Label Printing Effects – to Awaken the Senses of Buyers

2020 09 02

Lithuanian company ‘Lesta’ manufactures innovative performance liquids and vehicle maintenance products. Company’s product development laboratory and constant focus on the packaging and design of goods is a key to innovation – it enables ‘Lesta’ to create several dozen of new and upgraded products each year.

Before upgrading automotive cosmetics and cleaning agent packages, the company has assessed the fact that nearly 50% of Lithuanian drivers are women and came up with an idea to create a unisex packaging design – colourful geometrical shapes with special print effects.

The labels entrusted by our long-term partner were printed by applying the UV flexo printing technology. The entire surface of the label was coated with velvet soft touch matt varnish. It creates an emotional experience through sensation to the buyer who touches the product. The so-called ‘sand touch’ – partial varnish – was used on the labels of goods for the corrosion removal.

Screen printing varnish was used for finishing of the label of protective cleaning agent, because it not only provides the feeling of luxury to the package, but also has a very practical protective side.

Geometrical shapes partly coated with silver or golden folio create a special glossy or transparent effect. As if it prompts to the buyer that this product is excellent for polishing vehicle surfaces and cleaning the glass.

Material: PP
Finishing: „soft touch“, especially soft texture varnish
Finishing: „sand touch“, coarse varnish
Technology: UV flexo print, 5 colours