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Printing labels

We use 4 printing technologies for making labels and flexible packaging: flexographic UV, digital, thermal-transfer, and ink printing.

We operate 8 flexographic print lines. Our prints come in up to 10 colours. The available 174 lpi resolution is suitable for high-quality designs printable on various special materials using different foils and lacquers.

You can place orders and track the progress of label-making from anywhere in the world 24/7 by using our smart label e-order system.

Engineering solutions

We supply, design, produce, and install lines of different levels of complexity for the packaging, bottling, and transportation of food, drinks, chemical and pharmaceutical products. We offer semi- and fully-automated solutions that may be customised by increasing the line output and robotising the production processes.

We are able to offer individual packaging and labelling machines based on your technological needs for output and functionality.

We design and produce all types of conveyor belts and integrate them in the existing production and transportation lines.

All machines and lines qualify for warranty and after-warranty service; we also provide the necessary parts and consultations.

Transmissions and spare parts

We operate a massive spare parts warehouse that carries electrical engines of varying power, reducers, sleeves, frequency alternators, automation components, and conveyor parts. We offer automation system design, installation, tuning, and maintenance services.

As per your request, we can kit our machines with Motovario reducers, Siemens engines and deliver them to you in 24 hours or overnight.

We always welcome clients who have a good wind – their dreams, expectations, new ideas inspire us: we then work with a spark to make our own contribution to the success of their business,’ Virginius Gumbaragis, the CEO.

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